Printer not connected or offline

Printer not connected or offline

1. Open the Control Panel: Click on the "Start" menu or press the Windows key, then type "Control Panel" and select it from the search results.

2. View Devices and Printers: In the Control Panel, locate and click on the "Devices and Printers" option. This will display a list of all the printers and devices connected to your computer.

3. Select the Printer: Find the printer you want to remove from the list of devices and printers. Right-click on the printer and choose "Remove device" or "Delete" from the context menu.
5. Confirm Removal: A confirmation dialog box will appear asking if you want to remove the printer. Click "Yes" or "OK" to confirm the removal. 
6. Restart the printer and go back to printer and devices to check if the printer status if connected or disconnected,
7. if disconnected reinstall the printer until the computer detects the printer

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