Signotec Signature Pad & CardExchange Compatibility Error

Signotec Signature Pad & CardExchange Compatibility Error

If you are having a problem on Signotec Signature Pad on CardExchange when signing kindly download this driver signotec-cardex-driver
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      Below is a list of our currently supported signature pads. Brand Type Topaz SignatureGem1X5 T-S261, T-O261, (also for LinkGem non-LCD) Topaz DESKGEM T-S981 (installs using SignatureGem 1x5 settings) Topaz SignatureGem4X5 T-S751 Topaz SigLiteLCD1x5 ...
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      Please make sure to use .PNG extension on the signature files to prevent error on the capture signature.
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      Open CardExchange Software and go to Configuration Tab. Click Card Designer.                           3. Right click the Signature and open the properties window.               4. Go to Visibility Tab and Check the Remove Background Checkbox.       ...
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      Resolved by checking the database file, please double check the excel file source. do not move the excel file into other directory once you linked it on the CardExchange software.
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      Change the camera resolution to 800x600 pixels To change the resolution on CardExchange software go to Photo tab then select the photo options