My Card Printer Ribbon is Broken

My Card Printer Ribbon is Broken

You experienced the ribbon is breaking and you panic as you wonder what to do about it. 


  1. Your ribbon may have snapped because the contrast setting is too high 

  1. Your printhead has dirt or dust stuck to the ribbon causing it to split

  1. Open the cover of your card printer 

  1. Take the broken ribbon out of the printer 

  1. Use the scissors to cut the damaged portions of the ribbon 

  1. Note: Trimming the film will make it even and prevent other problems 
  1. Use a piece of tape to attach the end of the ribbon to the second roll 

  1. Note: Make sure to tape it to the correct side 
  1. Turn the roll a few times 

  1. Note: The ribbon must be firmly rolled and even 
  1. Put the ribbon back in the printer 

  1. Once the ribbon is in place you can close the cover 

  1. You’ll be able to continue printing your ID cards

If the problemstill persist. You may call us for further advice and information, or to carry out this procedure.

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