Cleaning guide for your ID card printer

Cleaning guide for your ID card printer


Regularly clean your ID card printer.  Your ID card printer run better, keep print quality up, and prevent expensive or time-consuming down time. It can lead to problemsrepairs or replacements later on. 

There are several ways you can clean your ID printer, which will depend on the specific printer model you have. Let’s look at a few common methods. 

  • REGULARLY CLEAN YOUR ID CARD PRINTER. It's recommended that you clean your ID card printer every time you change your ribbon and every 700 prints. Each cleaning kit includes a cleaning card. It looks like a PVC card, but it is soaked in a cleaning solution. The card is inserted into the ID card printer and cleans all of the rollers. 

  • BLUE STICKY ROLLERIt's recommended that every time you change your dye film ribbon change also the blue sticker roller. This roller collects the dust and dirt from the cards during printing and is essential in preventing damage to the unit. 

  • CLEAN THE PRINTHEADS. It is important to clean the printhead on the ID card printer. Your cleaning kit includes the cleaning pens; they look like large Q-tips or a marker, which you’ll use to clean the printer heads directly.    

  • REPLACE PRINTER RIBBONS. For a high-quality ID card, replace your printer ribbons as recommended. Printer ribbons have up to a two-year shelf life, so you can stock up when you purchase the ID card printer and always have them on hand. 

  • KEEP YOUR PRINTER COVERED. Dust and dirt are your printer's nemesis. You can protect your ID card printer by storing it in a carrying case or container. The case/container protects your printer from the elements when it's not in use. 

  • STORE YOUR ID CARD PRINTER IN A SAFE LOCATION. Card printers operate best in a controlled environment. Put your printer in a cool and dry location with adequate air circulation to prevent overheating. Don’t place your printer near a heat source (radiator, air duct, direct sunlight), and avoid areas that generate excessive dust or excessive moisture.  


If you need help with your printer cleaning, please give us a call at 8952-7155, visit our support page, email us at and we’ll be happy to walk you through all the steps! 

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